Meet the Minds and Hearts Behind STR

STR is the result of a life time love affair with young people born from four generations of teachers, coaches, administrators and Board members. All our students need to make good choices is a little help. STR provides that help and it works almost everytime.



Dr. George B. Elder, educator and innovator, is on a mission. He travels from coast to coast consulting with educational organizations and presenting at conferences on his passion- drug use deterrence and prevention for the youth of America. No one in the nation has more experience in the implementation of drug testing programs in schools, colleges, fraternities and other leadership organizations. He speaks about their importance and effectiveness and advocates for drug free schools.

Dr. Elder received his undergraduate degree from Rhodes College and his Master’s and Doctorate from the University of Memphis. He is a graduate of Leadership Tennessee, Leadership Memphis and Leadership Tuscaloosa. The George B. Elder Performing Arts Center was dedicated in his honor after a long tenure as Headmaster of Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis. In 2005 he was honored with the Humanitarian of the Year Award by the National Conference of Community and Justice citing his commitment to diversity and innovation in education.

In 2005 as Headmaster, Dr. Elder chose Psychemedics to provide accountability and a powerful deterrent to drug use as he tested the faculty, school board and all students in grades 7-12. The results were and continue to be extraordinary. Dr. Elder feels that implementing this powerful deterrent made possible through real accountability provided by Psychemedics hair tests was “the single most important thing he did for his students in his entire career.” After 40 years in education that included coaching, teaching and 32 years as Headmaster/President, Dr. Elder became Vice President for Schools and Colleges of the Psychemedics Corporation in 2009. Psychemedics is the world leader in drug testing using hair. Their proprietary and patented science has been chosen by thousands of corporations, major police forces, court systems, schools and colleges across the globe.

In 2009 Dr. Elder and his wife Suzanne founded Secure Test Results © (STR), an independent company that provides Drug Testing Program Administration for schools, colleges, fraternities, leadership organizations and individuals. The first to seek program administration services were college fraternities, familiar to Dr. Elder who is a Sigma Nu from Rhodes College and who served his national fraternity as Division Commander for Mississippi and Tennessee. STR began offering “The Right Start”© in 2014 which provides a substance abuse protection program for individual students during their high school and college years.