Information and Services


STR is dedicated to assisting its clients in the design, implementation and support of drug testing programs that effectively and efficiently provide a powerful deterrent to drug use and accurately identify those students, faculty and others already in need of help. There is no more destructive force facing our young people today than drug and alcohol abuse. It is responsible for over 85% of the crime in our nation and represents the most damaging threat to the health and future of tomorrow’s leaders.


Secure Test Results (STR) provides complete drug testing program services for businesses, schools, colleges and affiliated organizations including: fraternities, sororities, clubs, athletic teams, churches, honor/leadership societies and youth groups of all kinds. Confidential, individual student testing is available to parents through THE RIGHT START program.


  • Drug testing program consultation, implementation and administration
  • Sample collection scheduling, communication and coordination
  • Receipt of all results and reporting of confidential results only to the client designated recipient(s)
  • Statistical summary and program evaluation
  • Complete confidentiality and ultimate destruction of results
  • Q & A services
  • Group presentations: employees, faculty, board, parents, students, chapters, etc.
  • Additional services as required

Specific Services

Drug Testing Program Consultation: STR works with clients to create unique drug testing programs that meet the specific needs and goals of the organization. STR will review and make recommendations on existing programs and policies with a focus on effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and best practice.

Testing: STR works exclusively with organizations that partner with the Psychemedics Corporation, the world leader in drug testing using hair. Psychemedics has performed more hair tests for the detection of drugs of abuse than all other labs combined and has been chosen by 10% of the Fortune 500 companies, many of America’s largest police forces and hundreds of schools, colleges and fraternities worldwide. Psychemedics’ patented and FDA cleared hair analysis provides for its clients a 3 month window of virtual certainty of detection. Real accountability is the most powerful deterrent to drug use.

Test Results: Psychemedics receives from all clients confidential identification numbers for each test sample. Psychemedics never receives a name and never knows the identity of the subject whose sample is being tested. As program administrator, only STR can connect the unique Chain of Custody number to the individual whose hair sample is being tested. STR will report positive and/or negative test results to whomever the client stipulates. Some schools may choose to offer a program where the first test results go directly to the parents and not to the school.


STR professionals hold advanced degrees in educational administration, counseling, and psychology. They represent a total of more than 60 years in education. Together they have more experience in the implementation of drug testing programs in schools and colleges than anyone else in America, exclusively using Psychemedics hair testing.


Anticipated outcomes include:

  • Lives, families and futures saved
  • Protection and preservation of individual potential and promise
  • Provide confidentiality for faculty in school and college employment testing programs
  • Protection from peer pressure with the most powerful deterrent available
  • Rendering the school, chapter, institution or organization virtually drug free
  • Increased communication regarding substance abuse between school administrators, parents, chapter advisors and students
  • Enhanced reputation and increased respect for an institution from within and throughout its broader community
  • Cost saving derived from behavioral and productivity issues related to substance abuse
  • Increased enrollment and interest in the organization, a reduction in the likelihood of issues involving law enforcement and the judicial system
  • Reduction in liability insurance premiums, etc.


Pricing is based on numbers of employees, students, faculty or members, program design and client requirements.