Drug and Alcohol Hair Testing

What makes our alcohol and drug test superior?

We have partnered with Psychemedics, the world’s leading drug testing company using hair. The patented hair analysis technology is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, courts and police forces all over the world.

The Psychemedics hair test provides:

  • 6-10 Times Higher Detection Rate
  • Fool-Proof Test Eliminating Cheating or Altering of Results
  • 90 Day Detection Period
  • FDA Cleared Testing Lab
  • No False Positive Results
  • Sample Collection By An Experienced Professional
  • Convenient Collection Sites
  • Confidential and Secure Results Reporting System
  • A Reason to Say “No”

Our Hair Test Allows for In-Depth Analysis of Drug and Alcohol Use:

  • Which Drugs are Being Used
  • Quantities Consumed
  • Historical Patterns of Substance Abuse

How the Test Works:

  • Ingested Drugs Are Trapped in Hair
  • Drugs Accumulate in Proportion to Use
  • It Provides a Permanent Historical Record of Substance Abuse