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Life is all about choices.  Our health and wellness, our ability to think and learn, our readiness to perform and compete and our futures all depend on the choices we make.  Rarely do we make choices in isolation, particularly when we are young.  Peer pressure, circumstances, unhealthy expectations, the powerful desire to be accepted, inexperience and a fleeting sense of invulnerability often influence our choices.  To use illegal drugs, abuse alcohol or abuse prescription medications is a destructive and even deadly choice that derails promise, opportunity and real happiness. STR is dedicated to helping young people make better choices for themselves and those they love. No other firm in America has helped more schools, colleges, fraternities, other student focused organizations and parents implement meaningful and effective drug free programs. Our website will answer many of your questions and we look forward to talking with you and perhaps designing a program that will help your students, your members, your son or daughter make the right choices. Please call 931-924-8378 for more information.